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another peap question ...

Who is really using peap right now? =) And does it really works perfect?

I play around since about 2 month with peap and i got it working 2 times.

Now i have to implement it at a customer site. yeah =)

I have now ACS 3.2 AP1100 and i got it work againts AD one time on ONE laptop (2k SP3) with cisco card. I have also another laptop with orinocco nad xp and there it doesnd work.

The one nb with worked went in standby mode then i wake him up and then i have to reenter the username and password. Doesntwork!! disable the card avtice the card doesnt work.

Yesterday i have tested it with an AP350 vxworks and an upgraded AP1200 from vxworks to ios doesnt work (same config as 1100)?!?!?

i cant find any REALLY usefull documentation how to !! configure PEAP RIGHT, on the cisco site there is an document with how to config an ap1100 and there are screen shots of an ap350 =) the newest ios also hase some new features (wpa and so on) which i dont know which is to activate witch not.

im really a bit frustrated.

Has anybody got Peap really working with: AP1100 ACS 3.2 (not really out now but i got it for tests (mschapv2) i have also tested it with 3.1 i got it running ONCE!) and laptops with 2k and xp?

hope somebody could help me =)

regards Bernhard


Re: another peap question ...

Peap will work absolutely fine in AP 1100 with ACS 3.2 . But I have come across scenarios in which there are issues when using the 3.2 Beta version.

I think the follwoing is the document you are referring to ( The screenshot is for 350AP):

Eventhough the screenshot is for AP350, this is applicable to the AP 1100 also. The same procedure can be followed.

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