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AP 350, 1200 Config files

I'm trying to find a way to automate the configuration of large quantities of APs.

I've written a script to do most everything, bu tthe user manager settings and WEP settings still elude me.

Does anyone know the syntax of the configuration file for these? I'm not looking to read them out of the APs, only to write them in.


Re: AP 350, 1200 Config files

On a side note, this can be easily done via WLSE (Wireless Lan Soultion Engine): which have the following main features targeted specifically for APs:

- Configuration and Firmware:

The configuration feature allows you to apply a set of configuration changes to access points and connected switch ports. Using the firmware feature, you can upgrade the firmware on access points and bridges.

- Reporting:

Allows you to display reports for tracking device, client and security information. Reports can be emailed, printed, or exported.

- Fault and Policy Monitoring:

Provides device monitoring for fault and performance conditions, monitoring of LEAP server responses, and monitoring of policy misconfigurations

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Re: AP 350, 1200 Config files

Hey, that's great of Cisco to offer a $15,000 appliance for free! I'll take two!

Seriously, I can't justifiy that box to config a few hundred APs. No one should need to spend that kind of money to batch-configure APs.

Anyone got the config file syntax I'm looking for? Thanks...

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Re: AP 350, 1200 Config files

Can u share your script with me, as I strongly agree that spending $15000 for this is too X

Thanks for your script if u can share


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