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AP firmwareupgrade with the WLSE

HI i want to upgrade 60 aps from 12.2.11 to the latest 12.2.12JA1 in the release note i saw that i ahve to shut down the radio interface.

i have tested it with the wlse without to shut down the interface an it worked once. do i really need to shut the interface down. bc the aps are in a productional enviroment and when i shut it down no body can work, so when i make a normal sw upgrade it reboots only.

does the shut interface get no shut after sw upgrade automaticlly?


New Member

Re: AP firmwareupgrade with the WLSE

12.2.12JA1 is not the latest IOS. 12.2.13JA1 is the latest IOS.

As for shutting the radio down prior to upgrading, I did not do it and I successfully upgraded ~130 1200 AP's. I am not suggesting you deviate from the Cisco documentation rather just letting you know my experience. And you will need to do a no shut afterwards. You could always create a job to do that though.

Good luck in whatever method you choose.

Re: AP firmwareupgrade with the WLSE

sorry i ment 12.2.13JA1 =) i will try it next week without shut the interface down. but what happen if it fails? i saw it once: the web page doesnt appear right. do i just need to upload the ios over tftp over the cli and everything should work is that right?


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Re: AP firmwareupgrade with the WLSE

I can't tell you what the problem may be if it doesn't work correctly for you. All I do know is that I didn't have any problems with leaving the radios on.

Good luck.

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