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AP Logging

We have all our APs and our WLCs configured to log to our syslog server.  We have used the following command on each of our WLCs

config ap syslog host global x.x.x.x

This avoids the issues with the default of logging to the local broadcast address. This works great....too well infact as we are getting tons of logs that we are not really using or don't really want.  We would like to stop it globally and to turn is on for specific APs as needed....

Is there a way to disable logging on the APs or send it to NULL?  We has considered sending it to the local loopback address, but were concerned that this may affect the CPU on the APs.  We had considered sending to to some blackhole network, etc, but would prefer not to have the logs from thousands of AP banging would be cleaner to have them dropped on the AP or disable the logging.

Cisco Employee

Re: AP Logging

Hi Robert,

I don't think it's possible to disable ap's from syslogging.  This is likely an intended behavior.

As a test, you could set a couple of ap's syslog server to, then monitor the cpu.  Unless there's some type of dramatic event going on, I wouldn't suspect that it would impact the ap's cpu that much...worth testing though before cutting it loose on all your ap's



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