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AP Utilization

I just ran a Busies APs report in CPI.  The report returns a Tx Rx and Channel Utilization per AP radio.  Is the Channel Utilization percentage reported by CPI the best overall indicatior of the load a particular AP over a given period of time?

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Re: AP Utilization

Channel utilization gives you the data for the specific channel. How much of the channel is being used. This doesn't provide data of how much traffic or client load. You have to look at all the other data and then you can determine area where you have high density of users or these AP's are very utilized and maybe I need to add AP's there. Clients per AP also help but if all the clients are idle and you have one AP in which you have one client downloading a large file, there is a big difference. So you have to look at various reports and put them together to better understand your environment.

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