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AP1242 wpa-psk authentication spotty

I have 30+ 1242's in a warehouse running 8 SSID's most of which are using WPA verion 2 security.  No radius or AAA is used except for Cisco device mgt.  One non-broadcast SSID runs wpa verion 1 ciphers tkip because of the nature of the devices connecting and the SSID uses a 15 character ascii password that contains the "@" character.  Code is Version 12.4(21a)JA1 on all AP's.  Access to only this SSID is internittment, some AP's work and others don't.  All are config'd identically as are uplinks to switches, native vlan's, etc.  I've seen 1 article that says the "@" sign might be a problem, wondering if that's something I need to change or if something else might be the problem?

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Re: AP1242 wpa-psk authentication spotty

Well that is easy to test by just removing that. It's usually an issue with devices though that don't like certain symbols not the AP having that as part of a key. Make sure also that since your using WPAv1 that the encryption is only set with TKIP not AES-CCM as that can cause issues too. When using WPAv2, then you should only use AES-CCM and not have TKIP enabled.

Another issue can be the number of SSID's. It's best to have 3 or less with a max of 4. Having more can also cause issue with client devices.

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