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AP350 - How to Setup the MAC-Filter for only specified MAC-Addresses ?


i am very confused, its possible to setup the AP350 (11.21) to only associate with specified MAC addresses and block all others ??

When i set up a Mac filter only the dissallowed rules work - why ? what i doing wrong, any help would be appreciated....



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Re: AP350 - How to Setup the MAC-Filter for only specified MAC-A

By default all the MAC addresses are premitted to associate with the Access Points...You need to configure only "Disallowed" MAC addresses..So if you want to block association for certain client MAC addresses, you need to define that under Setup-->Address Filters and check on "Disallowed" for those MAC addresses and ADD in the MAC filter table...Thanks...Tejal

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Re: AP350 - How to Setup the MAC-Filter for only specified MAC-A

I think there is a better way to do this. The goal is, not to have to know what mac addresses you have to block but rather what mac addresses should be permitted and by default anything NOT in the table is therfore blocked.

I struggled with this most of the day.

Here is how I got it to work.

1. Enter the MAC addresses you want to permitt. (ALLOWED)

I included my access point, my bridge that it was attached to via a cross over cable and 2 clients I have, leaving the third client out.

2. enter FFFFFFFFFFFF (ALLOWED) to block multicast traffic

3. Answer NO to "Is MAC authentication enough for client to be authenticated"

Under "AP Radio Advance"

Select "DISALLOWED" for "Default Unicast Address Filter"

Then REBOOT the Access Point !!! This is important.

Hope this helps.


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