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Apple iPad and WiFi - issues with mixed modes

Apple continues to document that iPad wireless issues on corporate networks are not widespread, but this does not seem to be the case. We have isolated iPad issues down to mixed modes - B/G, G/N, etc. If you run one standard (e.g. G) connectivity is stable, but when you run two standards on one band connectivity is incredibly unstable. This presents a challenge in a larger part of our environment because we use 1252's with G/N on 2.4ghz. Disabling N diminishes performance and disabling G limits the devices that can connect to our network.

We are currently using both WPA and WPA2 with PSK and/or certificates - both have challenges

Has anyone found a viable workaround for AP configurations or client side on the iPads themselves?

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Re: Apple iPad and WiFi - issues with mixed modes

What sort of issues are you having with them? Are you suffering from the known issue where the iPad will retain an IP address past the lease time? I was able to pinpoint an issue where iPhones/iPod Touches/iPads could not connect to an enterprise network for the first time because it would forward credentials for a different enterprise network configured on the device before the user can enter the appropriate credentials to connect. The credentials would get rejected and prevent the device from being able to connect.

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Re: Apple iPad and WiFi - issues with mixed modes

We have configured only one network, trying to replicate the issue you call out and that does not help or resolve the issues. This is definitely seems to be sepecific to mixed mode in some capacity. The page just continuously loads and then says "server not responding unable to display page". We can turn WiFi off/on and it will connect again for a short while, but very unstable.

When we moved B/G AP's to G only it resolved the issues, but many of our sites are G/N on 2.4ghz

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Re: Apple iPad and WiFi - issues with mixed modes

I haven't heard of any issues like that and it seems weird considering the iPad is B/G/N compatible.

I would look at any possibility of wireless interference in the 2.4 Ghz spectrum.

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