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ASA 5505 Client Lease History

I'm trying to address a potential/possible security issue on my public wireless network. I need to configure my ASDM for the Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall to keep a history of all client leases for at least a week at a time. I'm not talking about extending a client's lease on an IP, I'm talking about keeping a log of:

IP address assigned, MAC address the IP is assigned to, start and end date and time of lease for this IP/MAC address. Is this possible to do? How?!!?

Many thanks for any advice!


ASA 5505 Client Lease History

Most likely you will need to have a third party application retain these records for you. Something that can get information via SNMP might work. There is no history feature that I am aware of on an ASA or any device for that matter.

New Member

ASA 5505 Client Lease History

Thank you for the quick reply. Is there an application that you know of or someplace better for me to pose this question (say, another forum)? I think I tried KiwiLogViewer once, but I don't think it worked nor did it have record of MAC addresses anyway.

Thanks again!

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