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Assign IP by Radius


I need that the Radius Server (Radiator) assign an IP address to the client that connects to one AP1100 (IOS 12.2).

Despite the Radius register that send the IP Address to client, thiss don't accept the IP.

** Sending to port 21672 ....

Code: Access-Accept

Identifier: 242

Authentic: <181>&r<1>|<128><9><220><212><134>Y<241><235><146>_u


User-Name = ""

Framed-IP-Address =

Framed-IP-Netmask =

Tunnel-Type = 1:VLAN

Tunnel-Medium-Type = 1:Ether_802

Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = 1:100

The TCP/IP config of the client Wireless LAN tries to obtain the IP in automatic mode.

Is a special configuration necessary on AP for that Radius can assign the IP address for the client?




Re: Assign IP by Radius

The Aironet APs are layer 2 devices only. Therefore they will not support IP assignment; the AP has no idea what to do with an IP address.

The reason it is supported by the DHCP server is because the DHCP server passes the query to the client, not involving the AP, to assign the IP address. There isn't a way to set up IP assigning without using a DHCP server.

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Re: Assign IP by Radius

Hi a_vazquez

I am having a similar problem. My setup is with Cisco AP 1200 (2.4 + 5.0GHZ) and a FUNK SBR radius server. The setup is in a lab scenario as we are at the design stage.

The client (HP notebook with W400 wireless card) is configured for LEAP authentication and dynamic WEP via the radius server.

My problem is that the SBR radius server assigns an IP address to the client, but the client does not seem to get the IP address. The SBR shows in its configuration and also in a sniffer trace that it has assigned an IP address, yet the client does not recieve it.

One thing i noticed in the sniffer trace is "unknown attribute 79, 80 and 88. apart from that i cant see whats stopping the IP address from getting to the client.

a static Ip address on the client works fine and we have full connectivity with all devices.

Can someone help please???



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