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Assistance replacing our WCS with Cisco Prime???

Hello All,

I am guessing that others here in the forums have moved their wirelesss management from the Cisco WCS to the new Cisco Prime Infrastructure for wireless.  I have been fishing through Cisco's website trying to understand what we need from Cisco Prime Infrastructure to replace our current WCS version

I found there are several different types of license structures for it, and it seems there are different types of Cisco Prime.  We would definitely want VM ware based Cisco prime.  Outside of that I am not sure what we need for Cisco Prime Infrastructure to simply replace our Cisco WCS?

Can anyone here on the forum assist with a straight answer on this? What are the pieces we need to place an order for Cisco Prime when we only want to replace the wireless management?

Please let me know the basics if you do.

Many thanks.



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Assistance replacing our WCS with Cisco Prime???

We did this couple of months back. We moved to prime 1.3 from WCS 7.x.x. We did it as a clean install & no database migrates across from WCS to Prime. As at now Prime 2.0 is released & refer it for below release not if it is your choice

License wise these are the one we had when we migrated ours.

1. WCS to Prime Infrastructure Migration license

2. Prime Infrastructure Base License & Software

3. Any additional licenses if you are increasing the licensing capacity of Prime (other than currently what you have in WCS)



Assistance replacing our WCS with Cisco Prime???

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