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Authentication an admin user on AP1200 with Cisco Secure


I am trying to configure a Radius authentication for an administrator logging on an AP1200 via HTTP. On the Cisco Secure ACS server I can see that the authentication was successful and with a trace I can see also the 'Radius Pass' answer coming back to the AP1200.

Unfortunately the administrators gets no access to the AP1200 Web page, and the login windows still ask for username/password. The log of the AP1200 does not give any error message.

The software versions are following:

AP1200 version 12.02A (the last one non-IOS available)

CiscoSecure ACS v2.6 for Windows 2000/NT

Release 2.6(3) Build 2

The return packet 'Radius Pass' answer coming back to the AP1200 is the following:

0000: 00 0b 46 aa a0 e8 00 a0 8e 77 de 75 08 00 45 00 |..F......w.u..E.|

0010: 00 36 0b 70 00 00 7b 11 8b 0e ac 13 58 fd ac 12 |.6.p..{.....X...|

0020: f8 15 06 6d 06 fd 00 22 05 f3*02 2b 00 1a 95 ad |...m..."...+....|

0030: c4 60 e7 21 54 67 2a 60 0e 79 da b1 8f a6 08 06 |.`.!g*`.y......|

0040: ff ff ff ff |....|

I suspect that the the last ff ff ff ff ( shall be equal to the IP address of the AP1200 which was send within the initial Radius request packet.

Thanks in advance for your answer

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Re: Authentication an admin user on AP1200 with Cisco Secure

I had a similar problem with the 350 series. I receieved the following information that resolved my issues.


Using RADIUS, You need to use cisco AV-Pair attribute for admin users with following syntex


Here is the procedure for the admin user you to define the Cisco AV pair Attributes .

a) On acs select the interface configuration and go to the advance option ,

selct "per-user Tacacs/ radius attribute " click on submit .

b)On ACS , Select network configuration ,

1) check if you have configuration >> Radio ( IOS /PIX available ) on the ACS

if not add NAS type Radius IOS/PIX , note that this needed for IOS / PIX attribute

2) After adding IOS/PIX device , select interface configuration >>Radius ( IOS / PIX )

Enable [026/009/001] "cisco av-pair" option , again make sure that you enable

at user and group level click on submit

3) Add a user ( User setup >> ADD/EDIT ) to restrict administrator access control

1) enable and configure cisco 09\001 cisco av-pair using


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