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Authentication & association occurs smoothly, but rapidly disconnects

I am trying to implement WPA2 enterprise with AES encryption. I use Aironet 1200 AP's with WPA2 supported IOS (12.3(7)JA2). I have patched my WinXP clients with updates to support WPA2 as well. I am able to successfully connect, and pass traffic for a short period of time, but then the connection fails after about 1 minute of connectivity, and attempts reauthentication. It will successfully reauthenticate, but the fact that it requires it is troublesome. It loops through this process indefinitely.

I do have two VLANs configured on my AP's, one that is secured as defined above, and one that is unsecured - I don't know if that has anything to do with my troubles here. Anyone experienced the same issues? Thanks.


Re: Authentication & association occurs smoothly, but rapidly di

Hi Kevin,

i had these problem when using the wireless client card supplicant software and switched between the software and windows configuration.

I deinstalled the supplicant and used only the Windows settings.

What also helped was the other way: Deleted the Windows settings. Deinstalled the supplicant. Installed the supplicant again.

You may have also a look on the following settings: In the SP Webpage check "Security -> Advanced Security -> Timers". Set all settings to disable.

To your Vlan doubts: Do you have a WDS configured? If yes you have to setup groups in the "Wireless Services -> WDS -> Group Settings" page.

But there are som many problems left. it would be helpful to have your config and basic network design here.

Best regards,


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