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Authorization of migraded LAPs


I converted an AIR1230 from autonomous to LWAPP using WCS Although the migratation template had telnet credentials for the controller (WiSM), the AP authorization list was not updated. I tried to telnet the controller on the WiSM from the WCS which worked fine. Why was the authorization list not updated? What will happen, if I update an AIR1210 which has no MIC? I thought the SSC will be stored in the controller using this procedure. Thx

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Re: Authorization of migraded LAPs

From my experience, WCS template push is not reliable 100% of the time. You will have to do an update manually to each controller.

As for the AP with SSC, it will go into a reboot cycle. It will go through the discovery algorithm and at the end, if it does not get join response, it will reboot and go through it all over again.

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Re: Authorization of migraded LAPs

For me, as well, WCS does not update automatically. i have to go to Configure Controller and Refresh Config from Controller option. so, i configure everything on WLC level and if after all seem to work fine, that is the time i do force update on the WCS.

Also from conversion experience, after the process, the new LAP does not register right away. it goes to a loop of join, disassociate, and restart process. sometimes, i would turn the LAP off and on, then it would register right away. sometimes, i would manually configure the ap via the console, to point it to ip address of the WLC. usually, the SSC is loaded to the target WLC after the conversion via the Upgrade Tool.

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