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Autonomous antenna and WebSense


I have the following scenario:

Core Cisco 3750G (12.2.25SEC) with port monitoring for the WebSense network monitor port (source firewall inside interface, destination WebSense NM)

ASA 5520 8.2.2 correctly configured with url-filtering for WebSense on inside interface

Clients on the internal LAN in network vlan 1.

Wired clients have been working fine for a while now, but I just added an autonomous 1142N access point with the latest IOS 12.4(25d)JA1

I configured the antenna with mutliple VLANs and SSIDs and authentication works fine for all of them. The problem is that I do not receive the WebSense redirect page when I connect to the wireless networks


I am redirected when I connect via Ethernet to the core...

I know websense doesn't like seeing the vlan tags so I changed the antenna to be in VLAN 1 ( and its switch port to access mode.

Still the same problem. WebSense does not redirect to its login page and sites are allowed. At the same time, wired clients still work fine!

The firewall inside interface is trunked but the users (wired and wireless) are on the same native vlan:

ASA internal interface:

interface eth0/1

nameif inside

ip addr

interface eth0/1.112

nameif guest

ip addr ...

SW interface with ASA:

int gi 1/0/24

switch trunk encaps dot1q

switch mode trunk

switch trunk native vlan 1

switch trunk allowed vlan 1,112


monitor session 1 source interface Gi1/0/24

monitor session 1 destination interface Gi2/0/15 (websense)

Any ideas?


Patrick Moubarak

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