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BBSM with 4400 Centralised controller

Does anybody know if the BBSM integrates with the the centralised wireless solution and if so know where any documentation or any configuration documentation


Re: BBSM with 4400 Centralised controller

not entirely, you will have to use the null switch option. We are were testing the bbsm with the wcs, but have since shelved it for now.

maybe wcs support in a later release perhaps..

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Re: BBSM with 4400 Centralised controller


Is there any news about this features, I try to set up a web based authentication for guest users on a BBSM through a controller.

Re: BBSM with 4400 Centralised controller

I installed a monowall fork called pfsense ( on the bbsm hardware. it is BSD based. We have always had better luck with guest users behind a PIX firewall than an netfilter (iptables)firewall for vpn connectivity back to their offices.

I use route policies that direct web content to the pfsense/bbsm box and all other traffic out the PIX. The users get a splash page that has an acceptable usage policy and then they continue on. Both monowall and its fork, pfsense have auth capabilities as well.

Also, the 4400 controllers do web-auth, but it is somewhat limited

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