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BBSM53 Stopped Working

The ISA2000 FW service will not start on the BBSM53 I have installed at a client premises.

I had it working fine, issuing DHCP addresses, authenticating guests and allowing browsing and VPN traffic to the Internet.. the World was a good place....

Then I decided to "harden" the box to protect my client even more. I removed some test rules (not required for final access) from ISA. I hardened IIS using the lockdown tool as documented.

Now the Wireless clients can associate and recieve a correct IP address but without the ISA FW service running, they cannot route off the local subnet.

The BBSM is dormant because the routing rule is not re-directing packets to the BBSM auth site and then to the Internet.

Ther error message I get is to do with ISA Adaptive NAT translation service not starting because either it is disabled or a dependency group failed to start.

Error Message:

-- The Microsoft Firewall service depends on the ISA Server Network Address Translation (NAT) Driver service which failed to start because of the following error:

The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. --

Has anybody else had this error..or is anybody else out there as stupid as I am?? :( :(

How do I resolve the issue? The service is due to go live after Christmas. I have a littel time, but not a lot. Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated...




Re: BBSM53 Stopped Working

The situation in which BBSM service has stopped for any reason (such as being stopped through WEBconfig) and BBSM service is being restarted and re-initialized. When service stops, clients can still access the Internet. Although active sessions are not disrupted, end users cannot activate new sessions or terminate existing sessions until BBSM is restarted. Session termination can be active (such as the end users clicking the Disconnect button) or passive (such as the end users shutting the client down or unplugging the Ethernet connection, or the clients moving out of range).

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