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Binary WLC config - does it hols AP config?

Can I put binary config backup from a working WLC (WiSM in this case) into a factory default WLC & be up & running again? Specifically, is AP config in binary file? (Cisco Doco states AP config is not in "show running-config" output for example).

After putting binary file in factory default WLC I know I'll have to reconfigure Mobility Group since it refers to MAC addresses of other controllers. Any other gotchas like this?

Thanks, MH


Re: Binary WLC config - does it hols AP config?

I don't think you can use the binary configuration file from one WLC and load the configuration on another WLC. This is not supported on Cisco Unified wireless solution.

Re: Binary WLC config - does it hols AP config?

If you take a backup of the config of your WLC, you can easily re-apply that to another WLC of the same type & code version.

When you ask about the config holding the AP Config, I'm not sure what you mean. The AP it's self will store much of it's own configuration in local Flash - is there something specific you're aiming at?

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Re: Binary WLC config - does it hols AP config?

Where this question is coming from is that the "show running" command output does not include AP configuration (eg. what AP Group a particular AP is in) so is fairly useless as a backup strategy.

This only leaves the binary config. as having any potential as a backup strategy.

Regards, MH

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