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Boot all new APs in H-REAP?

Hi, I seem to be having an issue with some remote APs booting into local mode. They tend to get stuck in a boot loop or become unavailable. I have worked with TAC but no real solution has been found.

My question here...Is there a way to make the WLC automatically boot any new APs into H-REAP mode? I think this may solve my issue.



Boot all new APs in H-REAP?


     At this time, there is no way to boot the AP into HREAP mode when it joins the WLC.  All the AP will join in 'local' mode, and then have to be configured to be in HREAP.

When you say the remote AP are booting into local mode, is this a new AP or one that has been configured for HREAP previously?

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Boot all new APs in H-REAP?

Thanks. They are typically new APs that have been installed at a remote site.

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Boot all new APs in H-REAP?


Just to add on to Stephens post, is the issue being that in local mode, the connection from the wlc to the remote site has high latency?  Your not able to have someone console into the ap to see the boot and discovery process? 

From my experience, I always prep the ap's locally and set them to h-reap prior to having them installed at a remote site.  Now only about 5% of the time, I go in and the customer already has these installed.  Well, as long as they have a good link between the two, I have never had a problem having the ap's join in local mode. I always fear that one day, I would have to tell the customer to have the ap's taken down and shipped back to the local site to prep them.

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Boot all new APs in H-REAP?

I think I'm at the point where I will have to start prepping them locally then shipping them to the remote site.

I was able to get console access into one AP that messed up. After working with TAC for days we decided that the only way to fix the issue was do do a hard reset. I had no one onsite to help so I am having to get those APs sent back so I can fix them, then have them reinstalled.

Thanks for your help.


Boot all new APs in H-REAP?

I'm not sure how many APs you have that are in HREAP mode but the Flex 7500 does have a command that will allow all APs that connect to it to be converted to FlexConnect (HREAP) mode upon joining the WLC.

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