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BR350 unicast traffic dropping after a few minutes.

I've got a pair of 350 series bridges (12.0.1T) that are setup in a point-to-point configuration with one bridge acting as root, and the other as non-root without clients. They are configured for LEAP, MIC, TKIP, key rotation, and MAC authentication. All this seems to work and they connect fine, however after about 2 minutes, all unicast traffic stops working. Broadcast/multicast still is still getting through according to a sniffer placed behind the remote bridge.

If I disassociate the remote bridge from the root, connectivity re-establishes, traffic works, then quits again after 2min. I have not adjusted any timeout or keepalive values. I have constant pings running across the bridge connection so I don't think is an inactivity issue.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Re: BR350 unicast traffic dropping after a few minutes.

When configuring the filters ,You have some option which ia called Default Unicast Address Filter which is used to specify whether the default unicast filter is allowed or disallowed.If thsi is ON,the unicat traffic will be blocked.Just make sure that it is not turned on.

Follow the URLs for more information.


Re: BR350 unicast traffic dropping after a few minutes.

Thanks for the response.

I do have the unicast filter set to "disabled" but that is because I'm doing MAC address authentication.

(From the access point web interface:

To require static or server-based MAC-Address authentication, set "Default Unicast Address Filter" to "Disallowed".

I have actually isolated the problem to MIC. With MIC turned off, I do not have this problem. I also found a Cisco bug-id that discusses the same issue several code levels back. CSCdx40145

The problem actually appears to be an issue when running MIC and LEAP together between bridges.

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