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breaking up a wireless network

I've been presented with the task of breaking up a huge wireless network to a more building-like scenario. What I have now is one huge wireless network, 15 buildings/dorms which I'd like to see if I can make each one into it's own wireless network.


each dorm is its own network

each network has it's own subnet(10dots)

no encryption, we're pretty open(kids, go figure)

finally, try to keep the same SSID throughout campus(not sure on this one)


we are using WCS with 6 controllers right now.

Handling around 500plus AP's.

They are all in one group, wireless domain

What I'd like to know is:

Can I break up each building into groups, say, then configure a vlan for each wireless net using the same SSID for each?

I'm not worried about roaming. It's in Chicago so being outside in winter for 7 months is pretty much not happening.

We do use mac authentication so Vlan switching might be a problem with using one SSID but not sure.

Not sure how to group these AP's, been searching Cisco to no avail.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to group these Ap's per building, configuring the vlans for each while using Nac to authenticate and point to the correct Vlan?

Thanks for your responses.



Re: breaking up a wireless network

You can use AP groups to group your ap's

Look at the configuration guide for what ever current version of code you are running it is pretty much straight forward. this allows you to use 1 SSID and many locations and vlans for each location. Then inside the document search for AP Groups.

Hope this helps.

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Re: breaking up a wireless network

In my humble opinion, and I am open to corrections, as long as the AP's can ping the management IP Address of each of the WLC, then you can break up your wifi network into smaller subnets. You may also take advantage of H-REAP:

H-Reap Design and Deployment Guide

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