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Can a WLC query to a SQL Server as external database???

Hi all.

We have a project in which our customer wants to use the WLC Guest portal and use its SQL Server Database as external database (LDAP Database). My knowledge about it is poor. I know that works with LDAP databases but I don´t know whether it is also compatible with SQL Server or the schema is different and maybe we require a development to integrate the SQL Server's data into a LDAP database and, in this way, query for the users contained in this database.

In some Cisco documents I could read about the support for SQL ( WLC Best Practices) ; but I didn't found any information about how do it.

Any idea?


Best Regards.

New Member

Well the short answer is sql

Well the short answer is sql directly no, buuuut :)

What you can do is use a radius server that supports the sql flavour you like, as a backend, i personally default to freeradius since it can be connected to most flavours of database either natively or via odbc, plus it's free and very customizable.

Here is a link that explains it quick and dirty

The trick here is that if the default fields that the radius server looks for does not fit the customer tables, then you can just rewrite the sql sentences to fit your needs.

if you use something like an ACS that also has the possibility to work with external databases, though customizability is limited.

This should give you an idea on how to attack it :)

- Christian

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