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Can not obtain an IP Address

Hello All, I just recently upgraded two of my 1220 APs from Vxworks to IOS with the latest firmware upgrade. Since I've done that my laptop users can not get an IP address unless they are docked and even after obtaining an IP address once they are undocked they can not get outside the network, via ICMP or DNS. As far as I know there is only one VLAN on our network and the other 1220 APs that haven't been updated are working normally. The security measures I've put in place are Open WEP with MAC address filters. Anyone have any suggestions on what I'm missing?



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Re: Can not obtain an IP Address

Usually when you cant get out, you havent fully associated to the AP. You might have the wep key right which gets you into the radio, but if the rest of the authentication is wrong, you will not get an ip address. I found this out doing LEAP, I associated, the AP showed me associatied, but I could not get an IP address, my password was wrong, but the WEP key was right. You might want to run a debug to see if your MAC authentication is the problem. Disable MAC authentication and see what happens.

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