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Can't connect to new SSID via LWAPP

Me and a co-worker are setting up a controller to run tests on with a new wireless app. The controller hasn't been upgraded yet, so we can only have 8 SSIDs active on it at this time. We isolated the controller to our building, removed a profile from it to bring us down to 7, and placed all of the APs in our building on it. Through the WCS we have created a new interface for the application, then a profile, and provisioned our test controller. It is enabled and we can ping the interface from the controller. We have a VLAN and DHCP scope configured for the new application to run on.

Our problem is that we can't "hear" the new SSID in our test environment and can't figure out what we're missing in order to get the new SSID working.

Would anyone have any ideas that we could try?

Thx Dave

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Re: Can't connect to new SSID via LWAPP

Try to post your show run-config and also post your switch port configuration. Seems like something isn't setup correctly.

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Re: Can't connect to new SSID via LWAPP

Check under the radio interfaces of the AP, what you are looking for is if WLAN Override is enabled, and if it is, that you have selected the new SSID.



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