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Can't establish wireless connection

We have 10 Cisco 1200 wireless APs. The VLAN 1 use Windows certificate as authentication and VLAN 100 for the public. They work fine. We just bought two 1310 wireless bridges for outdoor use. We contact Cisco support for setup these two bridges as below:

Building Switch + Cat 5 + Root Bridge ---------- Non-Root Bridge + Switch + cat 5 + PC or wireless in remote site.

The PC in the remote works fine. However, the wireless PC doesn?t work either of public or domain network. It receive the strong signal but the IP or or 169.254.x.x. Any suggestion?

Attached is configuration on non-root bridge.

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Re: Can't establish wireless connection

Looking at the IP address of 169.254.x.x. I think the problem should be the wireless client is not getting an IP address from DHCP server. It searches for a DHCP server but it is not getting assigned with an IP address . The reason should be that there is some problem with DHCp server or DHCP is not present at all. In such cases, you can assign static Ip address to the client. Let me know this solves your problem.

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Re: Can't establish wireless connection

It is the wireless client settings. This link will give more details. Thanks.

Solved: Station 000e.350b.f15b Authentication failed