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New Member

Changing the default management VLAN

I've been trying to change the management VLAN of my AP. Initially, I left everything as the default, which means that BVI1 is tied to the native VLAN. And the native VLAN is 1. My management VLAN was also VLAN1.

Cisco recommends changing the management VLAN of your devices to something other than 1. They also recommend using an unused VLAN for the native trunking VLAN. This means that the native and management VLANs have to be different and something other than 1.

How do I create a BVI that uses VLAN 200, without also changing the native VLAN to 200?

I've tried creating an ethernet subinterface fastethernet 0.200, and a BVI 200, but the device remains unreachable.

New Member

Re: Changing the default management VLAN

Never-mind. I figured out I could just add the IP to the sub-interface and disregard the BVI altogether.

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