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Checking proper QoS Tagging on LWAPP

Is there away to get the packets from the client out of LWAPP? I can sniff the traffic or all I get is encrypted info. I'd like to take a look at my clients traffic to see if QoS is tagging properly for some voice issues in regards to vocera. Thanks


Re: Checking proper QoS Tagging on LWAPP

LWAPP only encrypts control traffic, normal traffic will just be encapsulated, which any recetn version of WireShark can see in to (last time I checked!).

You should be able to see QoS markings on the packet quite easily.

Packet marking is actually disabled by default, so if you're not seeing any markings on your packets, make sure it's all setup properly within the WLC.

The QoS settings used while traffic is in transit from AP to WLC are dictated by the WLAN / QoS settings on the WLC; any markings provided by the client are ignored.

Hope this helps, any questions, just ask.



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Re: Checking proper QoS Tagging on LWAPP

Vocera audio traffic coming from the badge is tagged for DSCP 46.

The Vocera SSID is also required to be set to the Platinum Que on the controller.


Re: Checking proper QoS Tagging on LWAPP

If QoS/DSCP markings are not carried forward from the original packet to the encapsulation header, that has some fairly significant ramifications if you are attempting to use VoIP with HREAP access points since the routers will treat the LWAP data traffic the same - regardless of whether it is VoIP or Data.

Are we SURE that the encapsulation header does not have a copy of the QoS bits?

- John

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Re: Checking proper QoS Tagging on LWAPP

John -

The encapsulation header most certainly does have a copy of the QoS bits. Reference the Voice Over WLAN Configuration Guide v4.1 and there is an example of the packet construction as it flows through the controller.



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