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Cisco 1142N Continuously (every 8-10 minutes) Drops the Wifi Connection with Macs


My school's and district's Cisco 1142Ns continuously (every 8-10 minutes) drops the wifi connection with MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs running the newest OS, 10.9.4.  In order to reestablish the wifi on those computers when the wifi drops, we have to either manually turn the wifi off then on or renew the DHCP lease.  Either way reestablishes the wifi immediately, until it loses it again.

In talking with one of Apple's senior product specialists, I was told that higher versions of Mac OS don't work well with WEP encryption, to try WPA2.  I was able today to try WPA2 at work today and the same issue persists.  I wish it had been that easy.

I also have a MacBook running OS 9.7.5 and it has no problems staying connected to the network as do others at work who are running earlier OS versions.

What can I respectfully suggest to my school's and district's IT departments in order to get the problem fixed or narrow down the possible reasons?  I am assuming their is a function or functions in the router that will enable the communication between the access points and laptops to remain "on" and to not drop.

Thank you.




Hi Adam,In my experience with

Hi Adam,

In my experience with wireless. A user is never de-authenticated unless they disconnect or the network admin forces de-authentication and places him in the blocked MAC lists.

Since your problem is de-authentication. Well its quite broad, to add I think this is happening only to your MAC right? And probably this is not an issue regarding channel interference since this is only happening to MACs not to other users (who probably have windows)

What you can recommend is change the lease time, see if that works. Increase it if possible. Probably their lease time is low. 

Another thing is, there might be settings needed to be done in the MACs



If the issue persist however,

If the issue persist however, you can advise them to upgrade the 1142N AP firmware

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