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Cisco 350AP WEP Key Failure

I need help in the configuration of WEP on a 350 AP network set up. The Ap at the main site is set up as a ROOT BRIDGE, while the other at the remote site is set up as a NON ROOT BRIDGE w/o Clients. The network works fine without the WEP KEY set up. With WEP KEY set up on keys 1 or 2 and FULL ENCRYPTON the network fails ( i can no longer ping the remote radio). Do note that my IPs are on the same subnet and my SSIDs the same. As part of my troubleshooting i have also tried the radios with numerous roles without success, upgraded the firmware and authenticate by MAC only, all of which were unsuccessful.


Re: Cisco 350AP WEP Key Failure

Make sure you are entering the WEP key in the same mode (ASCII/HEX).

Also make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces ("SPACE," ASCII character 20, is a valid character for the WEP).

Also make sure the keys have the same capitalization: "Station1" is not the same as "station1" (CAP/lc "S").

Verify that each end is running the same code level.

Good Luck


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Re: Cisco 350AP WEP Key Failure

My Keys are of HEX format. and the same code is on both ends, i should also mention that i attempted MAC filtering as well without success, the Radios still authenticate clients not in the list.

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