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Cisco 881-W DHCP Conflict with Internal AP

Just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing a DHCP conflict on 881-W with the internal AP, and if anyone knows of a solution short of creating static reservations.

I have (12) 881-W chassis in the field.  They are running DHCP services to the wired users as well as to the internal AP for reachability / management / etc.  The scope for the internal AP is a /30 so only one address is in the scope and it is intended for the internal AP. This serves a a point to point link between the internal AP and the internal Router inside the 881-W chassis.       

Somehow the 881-W DHCP server is getting out of synch and a conflict is occurring.  It seems at some point, either at boot-up or lease expiration/renewal,  the DHCP server is performing a ping to verify that the address is not in use.  The AP has this address assigned prior and replies to the ping causing a conflict.  I noticed an AP down today, checked the 881-W uptime and the conflict correlates to the same time.   I have to manually clear the conflict and everything works as it should.

The existing 12 881-w's could grow to 100's over time, so the manual intervention of clearing the conflict is not going to scale.  Anyone have any ideas?  I really want to stay away from static reservations.         

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Re: Cisco 881-W DHCP Conflict with Internal AP

Well I would use a static on the AP, but if you depending on IOS dhcp to be reliable, then maybe you need to setup a Mac reservation for the AP. It would be after to just set a static on the AP. Since you know your environment will grow, it might be better that you start setting them to static. IOS dhcp isn't 100% reliable as you have already experienced.

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