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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 - TFTP backup WLC not working

I don;t get the the background task "Controller Configuration Backup" working. I want to use default TFTP.

When i look in the logging i see 2 of three WLC's succesfully backuped there logging. Is their a log file where you can see what is happening?

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Re: Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 - TFTP backup WLC not working

Hi Martijn:

If you go to the controller's GUI to Commands > Upload File and manually trigger the TFTP Configuration backup, does the process complete as expected?  If not, whatever's causing that problem needs to be addressed first.

When someone wants to do a config backup from the command line, they give a series of commands

transfer download datatype config

transfer download mode tftp

transfer download serverip x.x.x.x

transfer download path ./

transfer download filename myBackup.cfg

transfer download start

The Controller Config Backup background task is just the SNMP version of "transfer download filename " and "transfer download start".  If these other required settings aren't already there, the task isn't going to set them (the humans have to).  If there's a problem with writing out the file on the server, or packet routing issues to get to the server, the task isn't going to see those things, it just knows that the answer to "transfer download start" wasn't "Okay!"

As for watching this processing in logs, go to Administration > Logging, and set the logging level to Trace for the modules SNMP and System, and click Save.  Then kick off your backup attempt, allowing it to fail.  When it does, return to Administration > Logging, and click the Download button to retrieve the file.  The activity should be in the ncs-x-x.log file. 

If you don't have the new Update-1 patch for Prime Infrastructure (filename PI_1.3.0.20_Update_1-12.tar.gz) installed, I'd suggest you get it.  While it's not going to specifically address this issue, there are a lot of really good fixes in it.

Release Notes for Update 1 for Cisco Prime Infrastructure

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