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Cisco Prime Infrastructure Reporting

I'm after a report that details the Ethernet utilisation of every AP in a given area, with data every hour over the period of a whole month.

Does anyone know if this is possible in CPI? I can't see a way to run a custom report (which is terrible) and none of the other reports seem to give me that kind of granularity over that period of time.

If not possible in CPI is there a way I can get access to the raw data?



The Supported reports are

The Supported reports are here, Autonomous AP utilization as well,

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Unfortunately, none of those

Unfortunately, none of those reports give me what I want. Is there a way to query the CPI database for the raw data and pull it off using another application like crystal reports?

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You may be able to query via

You may be able to query via the REST API.

It's not really well documented in the manuals but documentation is included in the PI server itself or you can download a static copy here.


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