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Cisco WCS Adding new building to campus

Hello all. I WCS with a campus map built with buildings on the map and then floors in the buildings.

A new building was built on this campus that was not indicated on the orginal image of the campus it is just an open field. How can I add the new building to the campus map without loosing what is already there.

I know how to add a building to the map, by doing add building but it just puts a hyperlink square in an open field. What happens if i upload my new image throughe edit campus do I loose anything

Thanks in advance

Community Member

Re: Cisco WCS Adding new building to campus

Nope you wont lose anything you can just replace the "campus" image.

I replaced our campus image like 4 months ago on two WCS's each with 30 existing building and no hiccups thus far.

As a proof of concept if you need to prove it to someone. Just make a new campus in parallel, throw some arbitrary buildings on it and replace that campus image.

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