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Cisco Web Auth Page

We have url-directed login page for web authentication.

Why does the Cisco page flashed, in a bit of a sec, before it goes ahead to the directed url.

Unfortunately, some customers are not happy with this.

Can that Cisco page be totally eliminated?


Re: Cisco Web Auth Page

Are your customers briefly getting the vanilla "Redirecting" page, or the full-blown cisco web auth page? I don't think you can get rid of the redirecting page, and you should not be getting the full-blown Cisco web auth page before being redirected to your own page.

What version of code are you running on the controller that is doing the redirecting?

Are you doing something special via your web auth page that makes it so you can't use a "custom" web auth page hosted on the controller?

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Re: Cisco Web Auth Page

no... the client doesn't get the full-blown cisco web-auth page. just at the Title bar of the Window, the Cisco Title bar appears very swiftly and directed right away to the supposed external web authentication page.

the code used and tested with were 4.1.171, 4.2.185, 5.2.157. and the behavior is the same for all code. it will flash that Cisco title bar and then directed right away to the external web authentication page.

nope, we're not trying to do something special. just the customer noticed it and somehow is not happy with it.

what could be the best acceptable explanation we can provide our customer for this very small yet customer-annoying instance. is there a Cisco document that we can show the customer regarding this behavior?



Re: Cisco Web Auth Page

The "redirect" is sent to the client in the form of an html page. Whether doing internal or external web-auth, the contoller "hi-jacks" your initial web request and delivers a page to you telling you where to go next.

This is why you see the Cisco title, because there is a web page delivered to you by the cisco controller that THEN tells you to go the 3rd party page.

If you want to configure the Cisco title bar to say something else, this smells like a feature request....

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Re: Cisco Web Auth Page

thanks, weterry!!!

for the smells like teen spirit...

Re: Cisco Web Auth Page

You can do a custom webauth page to change the redircet page title bar. See this link for a start.

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