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Clean Air AP Detected Interferers

Just started getting into the CLEAN AIR  functionality after in stalling a bunch of 3500s and notice that I have alot of BLUETOOTH interferers, some active most inactive. I notice that they all have mac addesses beginning with 9c:fc:fc:00:. I can't find 9c:fc:fc as a vendor number. I'm new to this and wondering why these would all show the same vendor.            

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Clean Air AP Detected Interferers

it didn't mention bluetooth in specifc since it doesn't pair up with the interferrer to get its original MAC address i would think WLC just generates MACs to identify them as unique.

Because an analog video device does not       have a MAC address or, in several cases, any other identifying digital tag an       algorithm had to be created to identify unique devices being reported from       multiple sources. A PMAC is calculated as part of the device classification and       included in the interference device record (IDR).

Bluetooth devices have a Bluetooth Device ID that is very like a MAC  address (48 bits), with a manufacturer ID that enables broad  classification of devices if the ID can be discovered but most Bluetooth  devices keep that hidden most of the time by defaulting to a “not  visible” mode even when Bluetooth is enabled. When actively  communicating (paired) all data is encrypted so the device ID’s are not  visible to a third party. Almost all modern Bluetooth devices only allow  themselves to remain openly visible in this way for a short period of  time before they revert to a safer non broadcasting mode. The main  weakness is that when devices are set to “visible” the unique  identifiers and other data can be scanned remotely and used in just the  same way as scanned WiFi MAC addresses.

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Clean Air AP Detected Interferers

Thanks - good info to know.

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