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Client can't associate

I've AP 1121G -

here config-

dot11 ssid 354783729734

authentication open

authentication key-management wpa

wpa-psk ascii xxx




interface Dot11Radio0

no ip address

no ip route-cache


encryption mode ciphers tkip


ssid 354783729734


Client -Cisco PI-21AG configured via Cisco ADU -

selected WPA/WPA@ passphrase.

The client can't associate. in log i see

17: dot11_dot1x_send_ssn_eapol_key: eapol->length 95

*Mar 2 21:31:52.217: dot11_dot1x_build_ptk_handshake: building PTK msg 1 for 0040.96b1.59a5

*Mar 2 21:31:52.317: %DOT11-7-AUTH_FAILED: Station 0040.96b1.59a5 Authentication failed

*Mar 2 21:31:52.317: dot11_auth_client_abort: Received abort request for client 0040.96b1.59a5

*Mar 2 21:31:52.317: dot11_auth_client_abort: No client entry to abort: 0040.96b1.59a5 for application 0x1

Which are the possible reasons of that problem?


Re: Client can't associate

The logs clearly indicate that the authentication is failing. Which RADIUS server are you using? And what type of EAP authentication are you using? Has the user database been created on the Radius server? For instructions on configuring WPA on the AP read the document available at

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Re: Client can't associate

I have the same problem as the person above, but this doesn't seem to be a RADIUS server issue. The client will associate and authenticate when using Windows to configure the card, but using the Intel PROSet utility, it fails. Just looking for suggestions on what else to debug on the AP side. We are migrating to WPA2/PEAP with our prefered method being clients use Windows to configure the connection, but I know there are going to be those that "have" to use the utility.

Re: Client can't associate

If you're using Intel clients, update the drivers and the utility to the latest versions. Older versions are very unstable.

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Re: Client can't associate


Does this happen to only one client?


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