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clients can not obtain an ip-address via DHCP.

HI all, I would like to share one problem with WLC 5508 .

we added a new virtual interface on the WLC. One new SSID is associated with this interface.

We created a ACL for this interface to restrict the access via WIFI to certian services.

The following services are allowed on this ACL:

TCP-Traffic for HTTPS

UDP-Traffic for DNS

UDP-Traffic for DHCP

TCP-Traffic for HTTP


TCP-Traffic for CITRIX

The Problem is, as soon as we add a new service to this ACL, we need to reboot the Controller because the Clients which are working over WIFI do not get a IP-Address assigned via DHCP.

It´s not correct that everything works fine because the change were not applied.

The changes of the ACL are applied on the fly, but for reason we don´t know, the clients don´t get a DHCP IP-Address (after changing the ACL) until the Controller is rebooted.

I am attaching configruation from affected wlc

thank you


Re: clients can not obtain an ip-address via DHCP.

If shop is coming from a server on the LAN you need to add DHCP as a port they can reach.


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Re: clients can not obtain an ip-address via DHCP.

Sorry I do not understand how do you mean it?

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