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Clients in WLC being excluded for no reason?

I have a WLC with code, and some of my clients are being excluded from using the wireless. I believe it's because too many failed attempts on the PSK but when I look at the excluded clients list it shows 802.1X Failure and 802.1X Association Failure.

First of all I dont use 802.1X as my security authentication I use WPA/WPA2 with TKIP and AES and PSK, so why would I get the 802.1X Failure as a reason for clients being excluded?

Second, what is the difference between a simple Failure and an Association Failure? 

By the way, this also occurs on my WLC code version

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Re: Clients in WLC being excluded for no reason?


I was getting a strange issue with a client not connecting to a WPA2 secured guest SSID where it would seem to immediately jump to trying to connect to our corporate 802.1x secured SSID. Turns out it was the first client that was at fault, it needed a patch to allow it to connect using WPA2. Apparently it's only required if SP3 (XP) has not been installed:

Hope this helps,


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