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Cognio vs. AirMagent

For the professional site survey what is recommended from Cisco:

1-Cognio or

2- AirMagent

Also, if there is any documentation that describes the major comparison between two software.



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Re: Cognio vs. AirMagent

I have seen both and can say Cognio provides much better results - especially when trying to isolate or help locate interference. The flip side is AirM does work and is a cheaper alternative.

Cognio is more expensive because you are also buying hardware. Cognio uses an engineered and finely tuned radio to pick and measure RF stats. AirM - uses your wireless adapter which cannot compare to the Cognio adapter.

Hope this helps!



Re: Cognio vs. AirMagent

My comment would be that AirMagnet focuses on 802.11 layer 2/layer 1 and Cognio seems to focus more on layer 1 (the RF domain, identifying intefering devices, etc.).

I am not sure you can compare the two in an "either-or" manner. Each product has its strengths. In fact, I would consider them being somewhat complementary to each other.

Cisco is certainly promoting the Cognio tool and it's value is clear in finding and identifying interfering non-802.11 devices in the 2.4Ghz range such as bluetooth devices, wireless cameras, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. And, if you were in a situation where you might have to get a spectrum analyzer, Cognio is certainly a more cost-effective choice.

However, when performing a site survey, companies such as AirMagnet, Ekahau ( ), and Fluke ( ) also provide specialized site survey software that allows you to load a floorplan in bitmap form, walk through the facility being surveyed while tapping/clicking on the map to indicate your current location. The site survey software then interpolates the measurements between your location clicks and plots these RF measurements on the floorplan. (A tablet PC works very nicely for this application).

We started out using AirMagnet for site surveys (prior to the release of their floorplan-based product) and found it to be a very time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Not long after, we purchased Ekahau Site Survey which I have used some time now and the savings in overall labor and quality of the deliverable to the customer have been considerable.

Regardles of which brand you choose (Fluke, AirMagnet, Ekahau) I believe that you ought to consider, as part of your design tools, a software application that plots RF readings against a floorplan. It will save you considerable time.

In fact, if I had to choose only one tool to perform RF site survey design and post-install measurements, I would have to pick Ekahau Site Survey or an equivalent graphical, floorplan-based RF measurement product - hands-down.

But that is only my opinion...



Re: Cognio vs. AirMagent

I have actually used both and I understand now that Airmagnet comes with Cognio in it now; although, I am not sure exactly what you get.

Cognio is basically a very good spectrum analyzer with a few other tools for a very reasonable price. It has the ability to not only detect interference but tells you what it is based on a library of interference signatures that it has on board, and then it will find it for you!

It is good for spectrum analysis where airmagnet is good for network analysis. It is great for finding stuff on a network that already works...

Neither one, in my opinion, is a survey tool.

I always survey with the device that will be in use.

I will trust the meter on a spectralink phone survey if that is the device that will fail if that number isn't met.

I can appreciate the ekahau stuff, but I am stubborn and cantankerous and my favorite survey utensil is the Cisco tool that you can download free from this site.

I have built a career using that thing and depending on what your survey is for - you really cant beat it.

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