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configuration examples for wlc5508->acs radius 4.x-> active directory


I cannot find a working configuration example doc with details on how to setup the WLC5508 to use ACS 4.1 to connect users to an MS active directory.

We are using Corporate WinXP Laptops, with Machine Certs installed , we want to use 802.1x - (ACS) Radius and EAP-TLS to verify the clients. We have managed to get the ACS to verify the Machine Certs, but found no way to have it verify the users . This means that the machines are let in without any user credentials given, solely based on that they do have Machine Issued certificates installed.

The PEAP, EAP-TLS settings and how to map the correct group of our Window Database are confusing to say the least.

The settings of Inner method and MS-CHAP and so on is also highly confusing.  Also if any special settings should be applied in the AD,

Explanations on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


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