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Connecting employee owned devices to private wireless network

We are looking for options to allow employees to bring in their personal wireless devices, such as ipads, and connect to the private wireless network.  We currently have a guest wireless network, but that does not meet the employees needs.  My initial thought is to set up a new SSID and use WPA2 with PSK for authentication, then use access lists to limit the hosts and networks they can get to.  Or possibly leave authentication open like on the guest network, but rely on the ACL for security, then maybe add on MAC filtering for a bit more security.  Any other ideas?  We are running wism's, lwapp, software version is 4.2.176.

Also, is there a recommended maximum number of ssid's?  We currently have 4 on the 2.4GHz band, and there is no chance to reduce this number.  I read a Cisco best practices document that talked about limiting the number of ssid's in order to reduce the "RF pollution" from beacons and probe responses.  See -



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Re: Connecting employee owned devices to private wireless networ

Try 802.1x.

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Re: Connecting employee owned devices to private wireless networ

RF pollution ... Yes, you should limit the number of SSIDs because the more you add you increase network traffic (wireless wise). HOWEVER, if you disable 1 and 2 data rates, you lessen the traffic as the beacons are sent using the lowest mandatory rate ... make sense?

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