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Controller Software Version Confusion?

In the process of rolling out a couple of 4402 controllers and went looking to make sure I had the latest image on them.

I am a little confused about the version numbers to be honest.

I am running

The latest version appears to be which I would think it right.

But then further down I see a higher version number, but with an older release date:

So now I am unsure of what is the best to get and even more curious about what the differences are.

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Re: Controller Software Version Confusion?

Looks like I answered my own question after discovering there are two versions of WCS. 3.2 and 4.0

This of course has led me to another question, what are the differences between the two WCS versions?

I have not yet found a good description of whats new or different. Since I am just now rolling out my WCS and WLC's I am torn between which version I should go with.


Re: Controller Software Version Confusion?

Cisco's 4.0 software and hardware releases add a number of capabilities to facilitate creation of guest credentials, including automatic generation of guest user IDs and passwords, and also create a handy role that Cisco calls the "Lobby Ambassador." This role would enable, say, a receptionist to create time-limited guest accounts. Enter HREAP (Hybrid REAP) mode, which will be supported on Aironet 1130 and 1240 APs with Cisco's newest software release.HREAP supports visibility into VLAN tagging, providing enterprises with the flexibility to determine which SSIDs will have data bridged locally and which will have data tunneled back to a controller. HREAP is a definite improvement over REAP and will be attractive to enterprises looking to provide small-scale wireless services for a multitude of branch offices. Support for the 1100 aironet. Internal dhcp now works with foreign subnets. dimitri

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