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CPI 1.3 - unpositioned AP's

Cisco Prime Infrastrucure 1.3 - for a particular map, I have a list of AP's not positioned on the map.  How do I get those on the map?  I see the list but no method to position them.




Hope this link help youhttp:/

Hope this link help you

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Scott,Are you referring to


Are you referring to the select a command --> add access points?  I did that initially and selected my AP's.  Then they show in the top right corner of the map. There was a total of 9 and I was dragging them to the correct locations but only was able to move four of them. It is like the other 5 disappeared.  So now I have the message Unpositioned Access Points are not shown on map. Click Here to see Access Points added but not yet positioned.  I do that and they show up at the bottom as a List of APs not positioned on the map.   I don't see how I get those to show up on the map so I can place them on the map.

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There is a drop down on the

There is a drop down on the top right side when you are in the floor you want to make changes to.  There you can choose to add access points or re-position access points.

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