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CPI 2.1 Recurring Discovery Job Stuck

We have a recurring discovery job in Prime that runs every 3 hours. For the most part it works great. Every now and then though, it gets stuck and can't be cancelled or aborted from the Jobs Dashboard. The only cure seems to be a "ncs stop" and then a "ncs start". Not exactly ideal. Has anyone else seen this behavior before? Any possible solutions or workarounds other than stopping and restarting the service?

We're running Discovery job uses only CDP and goes 6 hops from our campus network core VSS, checking one SNMP credential along the way.


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I have this exact same

I have this exact same problem only stopping NCS and starting NCS has no influence.  The discovery job remains in a RUNNING state and has been in this state for over a week.  I have opened a TAC case now.  Additionally I have configured discovery jobs that I am simply not able to delete.

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2.2 - still not fixed.

2.2 - still not fixed. discovery job hangs. Also, when this happens, i am unable to sync any devices from UI. Going to open TAC case now.

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