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CPI RF Calibration feature Quesiton


Can someone tell what exactly we need the RF Calibration thing in Cisco Prime for? I went through the rf calibration model creation steps, and it looks like it is going to be very time-consuming for us as we have around 150 multi-storey buildings on our campus, so I would need to present a very strong reason to the management to justify what result is the calibration going to give us.

We do use airmapper pro software for conducting pre and post deployment site surveys, which does tell us how much coverage an area has got.


Would appreciate some response or expereicen that someone would like to share


Creating an RF Calibration

Creating an RF Calibration Model

If you would like to further refine Prime Infrastructure Location tracking of client and rogue access points across one or more floors of a building, you have the option of creating an RF calibration model that uses physically collected RF measurements to fine-tune the location algorithm. When you have multiple floors in a building with the same physical layout as the calibrated floor, you can save time calibrating the remaining floors by using the same RF calibration model for the remaining floors.

The calibration models are used as RF overlays with measured RF signal characteristics that can be applied to different floor areas. This allows the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution installation team to lay out one floor in a multi-floor area, use the RF calibration tool to measure and save the RF characteristics of that floor as a new calibration model, and apply that calibration model to all the other floors with the same physical layout.

For more details, please refer:

Hope that helps.

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