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New Member

Creating a meshed network with WLC2504 - basic setup

Hello Friends,

this is my starting point.













My goal to create a meshed wireless network that will be open to the public using the above starting point.

In addition to the equipment above I have

1 - Cisco 2504 Wireless LAN controller - (7.6.120)

5 - Cisco 1602 Access Points

Then, after this network is created I would like to create a 2nd meshed network for Private employee access that would use a completely separate path to the Internet. The subnet for this private network is / 24


Last, I would like to be able to manage this network either from the above private network or through a separate management VLAN of / 24.

To help me figure all of this out I was using the following three config docs from Cisco.

Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controller Deployment Guide

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.6

Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points for Cisco IOS Releases 15.2(4)JA


The biggest issue I have out of the gate is latest documentation (link 2 above) is not as updated as the IOS version on the WLC2504 which is 7.6.120. So, I am forced to "wing it". The issue is, I have yet to wing it correctly.

I have a putty serial connection and a laptop IPed into the default subnet of / 24 that the WLC2504 is using.

I have URL access via

When I go to this URL, I am greeting through a little configuration wizard.  This wizard is what I am unable to find ANY documentation.

First screen I encounter is basic:























The next series of screen shots is where the confusion arises.


screen shot 2























screen shot 3



Screen shot 4


after hitting next I am asked to apply setting which I do, that displays the following screen shot

as you see in the above screen shot, it tells me how to access the controller by going to:

as you can see from the following screen shot, I am able to ping

however, when I attempt to access via web












Below is the current running config... I am baffled, any thoughts, anyone?





























Please try the following and

Please try the following and then check whether or not you are able to access through

Managing the Controller Wirelessly

You can monitor and configure controllers using a wireless client. This feature is supported for all management tasks except uploads from and downloads to the controller.

Before you can open the GUI or the CLI from a wireless client device, you must configure the controller to allow the connection.

Enabling Wireless Connections (GUI)

    Step 1  Log onto the GUI.
    Step 2  Choose Management > Mgmt Via Wireless page.
    Step 3  Enable the Controller Management to be accessible from wireless clients.
    Step 4  Click Apply.

    Enabling Wireless Connections (CLI)

      Step 1  Log onto the CLI.
      Step 2  Enter the config network mgmt-via-wireless enable command.
      Step 3  Use a wireless client to associate to a lightweight access point connected to the controller.
      Step 4  On the wireless client, open a Telnet session to the controller, or browse to the controller GUI.

       Hope that works.

      New Member

      Hello, thank you offering to

      Hello, thank you offering to help.

      The issue I have is this, once I enter the initial configuration above and the WLC2504 reboots for the very first time. I am unable to access the controller via IP (Gui) I only have console access.


      I have tried every possible way to communicate to this device after the first reboot and EVERY time I am unable to reach via IP

      I have used simple hubs to layer 3 switches, it does not change the fact.

      So, to answer you very first question, even though I am able to ping

      I am unable to gain any kind of GUI access.

      New Member

      Hello again friends,Since I

      Hello again friends,

      Since I last reported, I was finally able to successfully place the WLC2504 into all three VLANS. The key was when creating all of the VLANs on the WLC2504 to leave the VLAN as untagged or VLAN(0)

      i/e using screens above, in Screenshot 2 - below the last txt box "Management VLAN ID" should be 0 or untagged and NOT 1 which is shown in the picture..

      then for the other vlans, ensure they are ALSO in the untagged VLANs.

      Once I did those changes I was able to achieve the following senerio:



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