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CT5760 HA Pair not Forming?

We just received a pair of wireless controllers, AIR-CT-5760-K9 and AIR-CT5760-HA-K9.

I've wired them together with the StackWise cable, as we typically do with our 3850s (top left <-> bottom right, bottom left <-> top right, screws hand-tightenend). However, they're not seeing each other, stack ports show as "down" and have no neighbors.

I can't find any documentation on what, if any, additional configuration or commands are necessary for the two controllers to form an HA stack.

Looking at the documentation, it implies that we need to be running 3.3+. The boxes, including the HA SKU, shipped with 3.2. That can't be right, right?

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CT5760 HA Pair not Forming?

Okay... N+1 is supported on 3.2, if you want to run AP SSO, you need 3.3





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CT5760 HA Pair not Forming?

Huh. So the 3.2 version of code, N+1 HA, you'd set them up as independent controllers with their own unique IPs and names, rather than stacked with StackWise? How does the HA licensing work with that, though? How do you tell the HA unit which controller to get its AP licenses from / which controller to monitor as the active?

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Re: CT5760 HA Pair not Forming?

The HA sku doesn't require a license so no need to worry about that.

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