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Customising WCS home page for all users

The homepage can be customised for an individual user however I would like to customise the default homepage so all users receive that default homepage when they log in. Users are logging in via TACACS so I thought an a Custom Attribute may help but have had no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Cisco Employee

Re: Customising WCS home page for all users

Hi Scott:

The home page customizations are kept in a table in WCS' database called wcspreference.  Each administrative user in WCS has a group of entries in wcspreference that define how that user has customized her/his homepage.  The group of records that specify user A's customizations would have to be copied over to users B-Z.  That's just not something that's supported at this time. This is the first time I've ever heard of someone asking for it.

Attributes that get passed down from an external authentication/authorization server only effect that administrative user's rights and privileges.  Drawing a web page with customizations 1,2 and 3 is a completely different function.

The ability to clone homepage customizations is a cool idea.  I'd suggest that you contact your local Cisco SE, Cisco account team or Cisco  authorized wireless reseller, and share your idea with them.  The sales  side of the house has procedures in place to accumulate customer inputs  like this, and to forward them to the appropriate business units within  Cisco for possible inclusion in future releases of Cisco's products.


Rollin Kibbe

Network Management Systems Team

Community Member

Re: Customising WCS home page for all users

Thanks very much for the reply.

With the DB backend I imagined it would be possible to do, but even if I could edit the table it wouldn't be supported, no doubt so I won't venture there.

For now, I will just have the users log in and I will modify their homepage and then let them take it from there.

I will get in contact with our SE and see how we go.

Thanks again for your help.

Re: Customising WCS home page for all users

If you know apache tomcat, you can go to the apache / tomcat folders and customize your WCS.

Just make a backup of all your folders and database first and then you can go and play.

Cisco Employee

Re: Customising WCS home page for all users


Where in the WCS documentation did you find that modifying Tomcat directly was a supported configuration?  Scott seemed pretty serious, I doubt he'd really want to just play in database files.


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