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Data Rates Cycling

I am seeing the data rates cycle from 11 mbps to 2mbps and then sometimes a very short spurt on 1mbps. I set the 350 AP custom data rates to 1 basic, 2 basic, 5.5 no and 11 no.

I have a client on win 2k with a 350 pci card installed but I see the same behavior on my laptop lmc card. When the rate is 11 mbps the client disassociates from the AP since we are 5.5 miles away. I use my laptop for site survey work and I have trouble with getting an association when I have a clear line of site and high gain antenna attached to LMC card.

The radio tower has 3 Cisco AP's runing off chanels 1, 6 & 11. I upgraded all 3 to 12.00T SW. I have 3 seperate line running up 240 feet to a MaxRad sectorized omni. i have 3 seperate DC powered RFLinx 250 mw amps at the top of the tower.

All my customers except the 1 I am debugging have Linksys wet11 bridges and they are all running fine with a 1 or 2 mbps setting. The Cisco PCI client card should not try a 11 mbps connection when I have set them for auto rate selection and the AP has the custom settings for 1 or 2 mbps, am I missing something here?


Re: Data Rates Cycling

You can verify the following things:

Verify that the PC card or PCI adapter is installed correctly.

Verify that the configuration for the SSID on PC matches the access point's SSID.

If your device does not allow broadcast SSID to associate, change the setting to "yes" to see if it allows it to associate.

Temporarily disable any security features on both the access point and the client. If this solves the problem, check to make sure that the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key you use to transmit data is set up exactly the same on your AP and on any wireless devices with which it associates.

Note the configurations and enter them after a reset.

You can use the guidelines given in the following links:

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

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