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Design question about using DHCP for an SSID

I've got an SSID that I would like to send out to a public subnet (wifi for guests in the building) but because it's public i don't want to waste a lot of addresses.  So i'm considering a DMZ-type area for the clients to get a RFC1918 address with a single address on the outside.

Something like this:

Clients -> WLC4402 -> 10.x.x.xpool -> ??? -> Public subnet

I know the WLC can dish out my 10.x.x.x subnet to the clients. But my question is the ??? between that and a single IP address and the Public subnet.

The WLC can't handle that part can it?

Obviously i could just use a simple linksys router or something to handle that and the ip address pool, but i was hoping there was something in the WLC that can handle it all for me.

Ideas?  Suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: Design question about using DHCP for an SSID

I guess you are looking for the NAT on the WLC.. this feature is not der on WLC yet.. the WLC acts as a perfect layer 2 device.. this is done only on the layer 3 device currently..

let me know if this answers your question!!



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